Brighten your prestige white walls with a new mural or Studio LJK original painting!  

To commission a new artwork, we will take you through 4 simple steps: 


1. Getting started

Send over an email with as much detail as possible, the more detail the better the outcome! Please try to include, colours, inspirational images, and canvas orientation/size and materials you'd like to include, etc. You will receive a confirmation email within approximately 5 days of submission.

Canvas sizes generally range from:

10 x 10" (smallest) 

48 x 72" (largest) 

Mural sizes typically run from:

8 x 10' (smallest)  

up to 40 x 100'

(depending on if it's interior or exterior space)

*Prices are in CAD and do not include tax or shipping costs.*


2. Drafting

We will finalize any conceptual details over email, text or video call. We can then get to the drafting! I’ll provide a digital mockup of the piece for your approval. Once the details have been agreed upon, a non-refundable 40% deposit will need to be paid.


3. Making it

I will then begin on creating your piece with updates on how it is all going (unless you'd like for it to be a complete surprise.) Note: if you’re commissioning a painting, the work may not exactly reflect the digital mockup in colour.


4. Sending

Nearing the finish, one final image will be sent to you for any last adjustments to be made.

Once approved, final payment will be made and your work will be shipped or a pick up time can be arranged. 


To receive a quote for a painting, mural or custom piece ... 

  • Fill out the form below
  • or message me
  • or we can grab a coffee to talk through further details. 



Watch the mural video here: WHISTLER MURAL COMMISSION