555 is the measure of the most visible colour on the light spectrum. It’s the colour that is most visible to the human eye during daylight. You see it on a construction worker’s high visibility yellow-green safety vest and on sports team’s uniforms. This colour (also known as chartreuse) is obnoxious but bright enough to grab our attention so we see the person wearing it.


The mountains are my local horizon. They continually invite my eyes to look up and in doing so, they inspire a sense of joy and belonging. The themes of this art show highlight the thrill of being able to spend time in the mountains combined with the enthusiasm that bright visible colours can bring to everyday life. Both an invitation to look up, to notice, and to savour beauty and colour all around us. For me, this parallels the importance of how we see ourselves alongside how we are seen and known within our communities. Our mental health is contingent on how incorporated we feel in community and how appreciated we are for our contribution to the larger world, even if simply by our being. Here too, MTN555 is a reminder to welcome the chromatic and emotional range afresh.  


My motivation as an artist has always been to bring people together—a way to create meaningful connection. My hope is that we all feel more seen and bold in our expressions of ourselves as we work towards a brightening horizon of our collective human experience.